ZelmaHeadShotZelma is a trailblazing artist who has taken the power and potential of her art to an electrifying new level.

Born with a passion for it, trained in it from an early age, Zelma always believed that music was her destiny. Then one day, she stepped off the path of her heart’s desire to pursue a “safer” course. In the world of finance, she found the material success and security she had been encouraged to idealize. But the price she paid for it was a creative and spiritual emptiness that grew heavier with each passing year.

So she changed her life once again, abandoning her high-flying career and taking a leap of faith to pursue her first and truest love.

That leap marked the first step in an incredible journey of healing, awakening, and transformation — ultimately leading her to the life in music she had always dreamed of and, along the way, filling her with a mission she had never imagined.

Today, Zelma takes her audiences far beyond the ordinary pleasures of beautiful music. Through her breakthrough new album, her captivating live performances, and most especially, her extraordinary edutainment experience, she guides people to the brink of their own inner breakthrough, empowering them with the inspiration, ideas, and confidence to take the thrilling leap from the life they’re living to the life of their dreams — and to find within that life all of the joy, riches, and fulfillment they could ever want.