Complete Vocal Technique

Zelma, uses the gift of her voice to inspire, elevate, and empower others.

That mission doesn’t end when she steps off the stage.

Zelma is also dedicated to helping others to cultivate the voice as a lifelong source happiness and fulfillment, and to experience the sheer joy of singing beautifully and from the heart.

As an authorized teacher of the pioneering Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) method, Zelma works with beginning singers and established professionals alike to develop, hone, and perfect their vocal skills across a wide range of styles.

Pioneered by world-renowned voice researcher Catherine Sadolin, CVT is an innovative and exciting approach to vocal training that is recommended by singers, singing teachers, actors, speech therapists, and doctors internationally.

Zelma offers solo lessons, group workshops and master classes to clients around the world, both live and via Skype and webinars.

Contact Zelma today to learn more about her private CVT instruction or to schedule a class.