Thinking Into Results

Be more. Do more. Have more. Starting TODAY.

Zelma’s profound life shift — from dissatisfaction to fulfillment, from lack to abundance — is a testimonial to the transformative power of truly great ideas. And of all the ideas she encountered in her quest for her dreams, the ones that influenced her most deeply were those she met through her mentor, world-renowned success expert and The Secret co-star Bob Proctor… most especially, through his groundbreaking program, Thinking Into Results.

Developed by Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher, co-founders of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Thinking Into Results is the most powerful process EVER created for quickly and permanently transforming ANY goal, dream, or desire into reality.

This a one-of-a-kind system is based on 50 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement: what really makes successful people successful.

Used by individuals, teams, and corporations all over the world, there is NO outcome which this system has not been able to deliver.

Zelma is the ultimate “product” of this product. The revolutionary concepts she discovered in it fused with her passion for music and performing to create her dream come true — the ‘Find Your Way’ Edutainment Experience. But she didn’t stop there.  With a degree in Management and years of business experience marketing and finance, she understood firsthand the tremendous need for this knowledge and information in the corporate world.  So she personally trained with Bob Proctor himself to become a certified Thinking Into Results facilitator.

TIR-program-11Through her Thinking Into Results workshops, seminars, and 12-week program, Zelma expands the message and impact of her show offstage and into companies, organizations, and groups of all kinds. Tailored to the unique strengths, challenges, objectives, and needs of each client, her programs empower everyone who experiences them to:

  • Improve team dynamics and enjoy internal harmony
  • Develop laser-sharp focus and unshakeable determination
  • Skyrocket productivity, performance, and profitability
  • Become extraordinarily goal-focused
  • Start achieving at levels previously considered impossible

… all in an incredibly short period of time.

Whether you know exactly what you want to achieve, or simply know that you want something more than what you currently have, Thinking into Results will open your mind to all you are capable of doing, then empower you to DO it.

You can turn your company’s dreams into REALITY. You can turn your organization’s goals into ACHIEVEMENTS. You can turn people’s thinking into RESULTS. Contact Zelma NOW to find out how!